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The seal of Bangladesh contains a lily floating on water. A Syrian terra-cotta plaque from the 14thth centuries BC shows the goddess Asherah holding two lotus blossoms. The genus Nuphar, with about 10 species distributed throughout the Northern Shortt, includes the common yellow water lily, cow lily, or spatterdock Nuphar advena of eastern North America.

Though algae can’t survive beneath the floating leaves that block sunlight, fish use them for shade, and tiny invertebrates short essay on water lily live amid the submerged sides of these plants.

The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh and state flower for Andhra PradeshIndia. Accessed 28 October The blades have smooth or spine-toothed edges, and they can be rounded or pointed. Egyptians found this symbolic of the separation of deities and of death and the afterlife. The genus Nelumbo contains two species: Primary School Science 5 points. This section does not cite any sources. Short essay on water lily ovary is half-inferiorand the seeds have an aril.

The lotus flower is traditional in Egyptian art and architecture, as in the lotus capital. The water lily has a special place in Sangam literature and Sort poetics, where it is considered symbolic of lliy grief of separation; it is considered to evoke imagery of the sunset, the seashore, and the shark.


Populations can be controlled by cutting top growth.

Water lilies are not only decorative, but also provide useful shade which helps reduce the growth of algae in ponds and lakes. Analyses of floral morphology and molecular characteristics and comparisons with a sister taxonthe family Cabombaceaeindicate, however, that the short essay on water lily of extant water lilies with the most floral parts are more derived than the genera with fewer floral parts.

Her mother believes she is as beautiful short essay on water lily the flowers, so she names her after them. A Roman belief existed that drinking a liquid of crushed Nymphaea in vinegar for 10 consecutive days turned a boy into a eunuch. The flowers of most species have many stamens male reproductive structures. The Mexican water lilynative to the Gulf Coast of North America, is planted throughout the continent.

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The Nymphaeaceae are aquatic, rhizomatous herbs. The University of California at Davis notes that members of the Lilium genus produce a chemical throughout the plant that is fatal to cats who drink water from lily vases, lick pollen or bite into the plant at any point.


In Egyptian art, many royal representatives esssay depicted holding sacred lotuses, members of the water lily family, and the gods were also associated with short essay on water lily plants. The Egyptian lotusN. Nymphaea Nymphaeaceae genera Freshwater sbort Medicinal plants.

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When Blue Bird’s mother-in-law hears of the child’s birth, what does she do, and what does she think in regards to her son? It has escaped from cultivation and become invasive in some areas, such short essay on water lily California’s San Joaquin Valley.

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Sepals aredistinct to connateimbricateand fssay petal-like. Water lilyfamily Nymphaeaceaeany of 58 species in 6 genera of freshwater plants native to the temperate and tropical parts of the world. Two Week Quiz A. How about make it original?