A strong thesis is specific, precise, forceful, confident, and is able to be demonstrated. Exposing children from an early age to the dangers of drug abuse is a sure method of preventing future drug addicts. Rather, they connect words and phrases to the second half of the sentence.

9.1 Developing a Strong, Clear Thesis Statement

Practice writing thesis statements answers in a personal essay that allows the use of first person, your thesis should not contain phrases such as in my opinion or I believe. This idea stems from a topic you have chosen or been assigned or from a question your teacher has asked.

Just as a thesis statement organizes an essay, it can also organize your e-mail request. By incorporating the answers to these questions into a thesis statement, the writer more accurately defines his or her stance, which will better guide the writing of the essay. While your e-mail will be shorter than an essay, using a thesis statement in your first paragraph quickly lets your boss know what you are asking for, why it practice writing thesis statements answers necessary, and what the benefits are.

The welfare system keeps a socioeconomic class from gaining employment by alluring members of that class with unearned income, instead of programs to improve their education and skill sets.

The Writing Process – Thesis Statements Example – Aims Community College

The Kansas City legislature cannot afford to pay its practie, resulting in job cuts and resignations in a district that sorely needs highly qualified and dedicated teachers. Revise your thesis statement. The tone is assertive and takes a stance that others might oppose.


Read wrifing following thesis statements. It tells the reader the point you want to make in your essay, while the essay stayements supports that point. A thesis statement is your interpretation of the practice writing thesis statements answers, not the topic itself.

For those that are weak, list the reasons why. In other words, your stance has insufficient backing. Edgar Allan Poe was a poet who lived in Baltimore during the nineteenth century. Practice writing thesis statements answers a separate piece of paper, identify each as weak or strong. Many girls have strict parents, dress appropriately, and do not engage in sexual activity while in middle school and high school.

Despite his promises during his campaign, President Kennedy took few executive measures to support civil rights legislation. A worthy argument is backed by examples and details. On a separate sheet of paper, write a thesis statement for each of the following topics.

Thewis thesis is weak when it contains an obvious practice writing thesis statements answers or something that no one can disagree with or provides a dead end.

These statements practice writing thesis statements answers your credibility and weaken your argument. A thesis statement that is forceful shows readers that you are, in fact, making an argument. Using that general topic, you then narrowed it down by answering the 5WH questions. Learning Objectives Develop a strong, clear thesis statement with the proper elements. Closing all American borders for a period of five years is one solution that will tackle illegal immigration.


A strong thesis statement contains the following qualities.

You can rely on personal observations in order to do this, or you can consult outside answerss to demonstrate that what you assert is valid.

Maybe writlng told the end of the story first, then practice writing thesis statements answers to the beginning and later added details to the middle. Ways to Revise Your Thesis You can cut down on irrelevant aspects and revise your thesis by taking the following steps: The writer should ask himself or herself questions similar to the 5WH questions.

This expression may also be too informal for the selected audience.