So to have a good chance of clearing the exam we should have tpics good understanding of syllabus, books and paper pattern to have an upper hand over others. Descriptive test consists of 3 topicswhich are EssayPrecis and Comprehension The candidates are required to choose one option of their choice from each topic and write properly about the topic.

List of Important Computer Awareness Questions for NICL AO Mains& IBPS Exams 2017-Download in PDF

There is no reason why you cannot succeed! The amount of time you put in to search for free papers and other resources can be more productively used important essay topics for nicl ao 2015 studying and practicing these books. See how many questions you could attempt in the allotted time. Learn the formulas specially of mensuration and trigonometry. Also, buy a few good books from what we have suggested, and use them.

So what are those topics?

In Sentence starter questions, you have to choose one option that can start the sentences given in the question in the most suitable way. This wayyour confidence will be boosted. In the essay sentence, Slow fot the walk and hence is an adverb. Use synonyms of the words given in passage.

In Reasoning ability section, there are some questions which do not takes much to solve, You should nidl these questions very well and must try to solve it in exam at first. Attempt only those questions which you are confident about.


This section is very very crucial. Instead it is better to buy a few good books and use them.

List of Descriptive English Questions and Answers for NICL AO Exam Download in PDF

Save in your essqy Make sure that in summaryall important points of paragraph for covered. Good English reading skills and sound grammar knowledge is required to perform good in this topic.

Coding decoding is an important chapter for the exam. Thanks for visiting, and touching on an important point.

Important Topics for NICL AO Mains Exam 2017

Suggest me a guide book that includes every items according to NICL AO exam syllabus and one book of previous years solved papers. Move on to solve other questions and later if time permits try the ones you have left earlier.

For essay, jot down the important points some where in rough space and elaborate one by one. The test paper will be set to gauge you on different subjects viz.

In second paragraphWrite in detail about the issue. For Generalist discipline, there are five sections you need to prepare which are common in most of the exams. Here are the tips on nicl important essay topics for nicl ao 2015 these questions: DO NOT imprtant a wild guess, you will end up losing a lot of marks.


Last year mostly question were from current affairs. Hi Rohit, Hundreds and thousands of ordinary people clear exams lmportant year, there is no rocket science in it.

Write about ‘Why it is important to focus on i,portant issue’. Make sure that you are well aware with the concepts and questions of these topics. Just keep attempting the easy questions with utmost accuracy. Generallyyou should start the exam with the section in which you are very good at.

Start reading newspapers if you have not already. One more important thing as the exam would be an online one if you are not accustomed to reading on computers, you may find important essay topics for nicl ao 2015 difficult to read quickly and answer. About Us Contact Us.