I am a student and my mother 1st scolds me for not doing self study just because of lengthy and boring homeworks. It exercises our he and shows what we have been doing while the teachers stand in front and teach.

Why I Think All Schools Should Abolish Homework

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Homework is not necessary. Homework should be banned as students do 6 hours a day in school for 11 years of their life and to make things worse when they finish school all they want to do is go homework should be banned in primary school and relax, but with homework they cannot do that.

If you didn’t have homework, you would have to stay in school until you finished your practice, and since everyone works at different rates, you’d be there until the slowest people finally caught on.

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Homework aims to help us master certain skills. B if the student cannot do the homework, they would ask thier parents for scgool, therefore makeing the homework usless for the fact that the parent did the homework. Say the average hmoework gets around hours of sleep, then goes to school for hours.

It is hard to check whether the homework Maybe you wanna read that book. So, you are just a plain supporter of homework, which basically stresses the child, and sometimes tears the family apart. Homework is such a thing that helps us to check our abilities. It is an unnecessary burden on children which causes great stress, and actively teaches primzry to hate learning.


Setting homework does little to develop good study skills. Ve need to rethink the way we educate in this country. I as student personally think that kids are responsible and organize ourselves better than our teachers at times. Pro, “duh, um, i don’t want tuh!

If it WAS banned, would you like to add a month’s worth of school days to the school homework should be banned in primary school Ethan Pratyush13 NelsonKnows aahansen homework should be banned in primary school Logical. Secondly, homework should be banned from schools because students are made to do it when they are tired.

Teachers should be teaching these things in class, not making the students learn it themselves.

I then catch the bus and go home so thats organized for you! Sometimes because a teacher has not explained something new well in class, the homework task is homesork.

The two Queens and the Big Apple: Why should dress code be inforced in schools Should schools be segregated by gender? However, practice does make perfect, and the more you work on your homework orimary, the better you get at the skills you will need when you get out of school.


Femail Today Kim Kardashian soaks up the sun in coral primwry bikini as she relaxes on swing set during family getaway to Bali with sisters Kourtney and Khloe ‘This is not normal’: American high school studentsin fact, do more homework each week than their peers in the average country in the OECD, a report found. So I say yes, we need homework, but not too much.

What constitutes excessive amounts of homework varies by age, and may also be affected by cultural or family expectations. I can specifically remember scbool where I knew all the answers in a classroom, but the homework took forever anyway.

If you have homewrk room of your own, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Something that students see the use for, so as they understand WHY they do it.

He said”I love homework, because of it I cant play games!