However, the products manufactured by them were no longer in demand as people had begun using industrial goods.

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cevelopment They manufactured handicraft items that were losing their charm with the introduction of the industrial goods. A government of India study shows that more than 40 per cent of rural women directly or indirectly contribute to the uplift of their families and thereby bringing social change.

Pharmaceutical industry, iron and steel industry, chemical industry, textile industry, automotive industry, timber industry, jute and paper industry are among some of the industries which have contributed a econmoic deal in our economic growth.

Education is a great determinant in this regard. The availability of these infrastructures facilitates production in industry, agriculture and other productive sectors of the economy. Free Essays on Essay on socio economic development in india Economic Problems.

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Indian economy is growing at a steady speed. Propensity to save is directly influenced by propensity to consume. Therefore, development economics which is concerned with the economic growth, capital accumulation and underemployment in the developing countries became a special and distinct discipline.

First, the Government has to play a significant role in making arrangements for the expansion of education, healthcare for the advance of human capabilities on which growth depends. Wealth is important for human life, but to concentrate on it exclusively is wrong for two reasons.

The tourism and hotel industries are also seeing a gradual growth.

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Secondly, rapid economic growth generates more employment opportunities and income enhancing activities of the people, provided labour-saving technologies are not used for production of goods both in the industrial and agricultural sectors.


Thursday, November 22 The increasing number of various manufacturing industries the growth in export of manufactured goods and the privatization of banking and telecom sector jn made a positive impact on the Indian economy. essay on socio economic development in india

Development goals must be defined in terms of pn reduction and eventual elimination of malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, squalor, unemployment and inequalities. The presence of women in various decision making bodies helped develop confidence among other women, opening up possibilities for future.

However, even as India has attained this stature, the picture is not all rosy. If modern civilization stands for all essay on socio economic development in india devellpment I have understood it does, I call it satanic.

A number of fake currency notes were being circulated in the country having a bad impact on its economy. The country is poorer for this senseless consumption behaviour.

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Likewise, the existence of the means of transport is essential for transportation essay on socio economic development in india raw materials to the place of production and to sell the goods produced too far off places.

However, the above mentioned defence of neoclassical economics and critique of development economics has been challenged, among others, by Amartya Sen. However, we still have a long way to go. This throws new light on international economic relations. In this view during the process of economic growth share of agriculture in both national product and employment of labour force declines and that of industries and services increases.


While the short term effects of demonetization were devastating, this decision did had a brighter side when looked at from long term prospective.

These activities are vital for our economy. Empowerment of women ih to begin with her participation in essay on socio economic development in india spheres of life. Many women have emerged as exemplary leaders at the policy level as well as the community level.

Unemployment leads to the feelings of worthlessness and frustration among developjent youth leading to the increase in incidence of crime in the society.

For instance, in India, Dandekar and Rath found that 40 per cent of rural population in India lived below the poverty line in Caste-related violence essay on socio economic development in india hate crimes in India have occurred despite the gradual reduction of casteism in the country.

As Sen Essah viewing development as expansion of substantive freedoms directs attention to undia or objective of development rather than means such as GDP growth or industrialization which play an important role in the process of development.