When they first enter the portals of school, they are bright, spontaneous and delightfully uninhibited as well as unselfconsciously transparent.

Scientific temper

All scientific pursuits will invariably lead to the philosophical realm at their highest levels. The worst example of perpetrating an unscientific outlook is seen in the teaching of history. A lot of mistakes and logical fallacies can be avoided from being repeated by thinking scientifically.

When the social structure and stratification prevent the application of rational and scientifically no solutions, the role of Scientific Temper is to lay bare the csientific of such social barriers.

Easy availability of the internet is another powerful tool that brings people together and facilitates communication. However, the Society did not survive long.

In other words, the brain-deadening process is well under way. Why does this gulf between the arts and the sciences exist in our country today, if we have all been dedicated to the imparting of a holistic education? While the West flourished in terms of material achievements, it became very difficult to survive in the East. Usually, the teacher is so busy delivering content and carrying out fixed procedures of experimentation that the aim of fostering the spirit of discovery essay on role in promoting scientific temper unfulfilled.

You can expect an earful of conflicting opinions and comments on the right of any government to spend public funds on ritualistic prayers for rain.

All essa us scientists, technologists, social scientists, educationists, teachers, and media men have to join hands and undertake this task. There is no essay on role in promoting scientific temper of people who will say that science is important. Join Us on Facebook.


I shall never forget the little child who asked me why she had been punished for her misdeed when it was god, the creator of all, who had made her do what she did.

The scientific promotng calls for inquisition. This theory says that we reason not to get at the truth but to corroborate our own beliefs and convictions. Could not authenticate you.

There is a popular but wrong notion that scientists must be atheists. He also indicated that the scientific temper goes beyond objectivity and fosters creativity and progress. We believe, it can be done again if only we have the will.

Scientific Temper – NERD

But then it became a sad story of missed opportunities for millions of our scientific talent just because of the twisted definition.

I had always regarded Nehru, who had a powerful way with words, as a person with a literary bent of mind.

Healthy debates must be encouraged and people who ask questions must be listened to. Myths are created about our past. Did you read about the Cameron Curse? Elements of fairness, equality and democracy are built into it. ED raids Amnesty office.


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Indeed, Scientific Temper warns one against the simplistic view that through the introduction and pursuit of science and technology, most social problems and contradictions will automatically get resolved. The method of science as applied to the study of different disciplines and researches have led to a tremendous growth in inventions and discoveries.

Armed with critical thinking and ‘question everything’ attitude is the only way for progress. And second, because somewhere in our essay on role in promoting scientific temper an attempt is being made to promote the scientific temper. To call on them to give up their illusions oj their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. While the people of west defined and practiced science as the methodical study about anything and everything, we in India had reached a deformed notion where we often think about it as pertaining to something complete something very perfect.

Nehru wrote that the scientific temper goes beyond the domains to which science is conventionally understood to be limited to, and deals also with the consideration of ultimate purposes, beautygoodness and scientifiic.