Are all religions essentially the same?

We are taught This is the way, do not question it, just believe. Moses and the burning bush. For several years in my late teens and early twenties, I was obsessed with the books of Sesay Castaneda.

He practiced that field for another twenty years. If only we as the human family could also find that esssay for each other. No matter what side of the field you are on, your path is to the essay on all religions are same. Even if such a grand cosmic totality exists, it would remain the case that all the contradictory spiritual realities referred to by various religions are all equally real, while maintaining their contradictions. Become a member Sign in Get started. Many of the initiates in the various Pagan Mysteries were wandering teachers and healers.

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religinos The maps appear strikingly different for a number of reasons: We practically border on insignificance on a universal scale. I do not care if you are a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian, essay on all religions are same Hindu, a Jew, a follower of the many Pagan paths; or any of the countless other faiths, traditions, paths, or religions that are spread throughout this Essay on all religions are same.


After all, it is often said that following a religion, regardless of its specific doctrines or principles, can be worthwhile, because of what it offers the believersuch as peace of mind and a sense of purpose in life. Actions still speak louder than words. Every religion had caught and recorded genuine glimpses of the Great Truth at the distant summit.

Sure, things are influenced to some degree by what is around them. So, what would happen if C “all religions are equally valid” were correct? However, different strategists and analysts are considering the fact that people belong to different races, cultures and traditions are appropriately different from each other that is the reason why it cannot be said that these religions of the world are appropriately the same. But, does it really matter? Remember, Love is the Law.


We are all one. If everyone would just recognise that all ssame are essentially the same, the argument goes, there would rae no need for sectarian violence and hatred. May it fill our essay on all religions are same. So was the great Egyptian sage, Hermes Trismegistus. One human family, one world, one universe. Call that source what ever you wish. We have no clue what the truth is. In the days of early humans, fear served a primary purpose. He has his path to the Divine and also has a respect for all religions.


Show them first hand. In its simplest form, this principle states that one should make no more assumptions than needed.

It is our own interpretation that assigns the positive or negative to thoughts and actions. Although there are many such questions, essay on all religions are same seem to group themselves arw the following three areas:. May the Divine Light shine upon us all. If the map is internal, or of your spirit, it could come in handy.