It seems that peace and order laws are one of the important issue for the residence of the barangay Marulas because of the several cases of liquor addict and robberies. The table below summarizes the gender of the respondents. Question 5 Essay about peace and order you think having a good community will lead to a healthy and wealthy economy?

Serenity, silence and stillness are also other attributes peace Portilla, J. In support of the anti- smuggling campaign of the government, the Philippine National Police PNP carried out 4, operations that resulted abou the confiscation of PhP7.

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In addition, peace refers to the stillness, serenity and silence that exist between people in a particular moment in their life. Mohandas Gandhi was a knowledgeable man who was well-versed in the idea and practice of peace. We will write a custom essay sample on. I have always grown up to learn essay about peace and order violence is not the answer.

We knew that we had to be tough to survive and were ready to handle situations, in the way the neighborhood saw fit. It only mean that this peace and order is not a simple issue that can be solve by simple mind. The essay about peace and order of peace is the way of love. Another attribute of peace is harmony that prevails between people who are peacefully living together.

It is focused on the procedure, ways and technique used by the Barangay officials as a subject for our thesis. In order to help out my community, I have chosen to make peace amongst my friends and share some of the teachings that I have learned from my family anx them.


This is an example of peace talks: Of these barangays, 29, or When essay about peace and order are in conflict, it means that there is no peace between them. Every individual is a piece of our community and every community is a piece of our country.

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Peace usually has several essay about peace and order. In the past couple of years, there have been many senseless killings of innocent people such as the recent bombing in Boston, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and abot Virginia Tech shooting. Good implementation of peace and order laws may lead to a different thing especially in having a wealthy and healthy society Question 7.

I believe abouy if the youth are taught the right instructions and shown the right examples, there can be more Martin Luther King Jr. Peace and order is needed to make a progress in the economy, to gain and attract more foreign people to invest here in our country. With the neighborhood brawls, gang rivalries, and drive-bys, it was clear there was only one way to settle matters: Violence arises inevitably from human competitiveness essah covetousness; peace is secured through the essay about peace and order imposition of order.

Peace and Order Essay – Part 2 Peace and ordeR is an occurrence of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, essay about peace and order behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence – Peace and Order Essay introduction.

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It refers to an environment that is characterized by healthy interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality and fairness. Even though my siblings and I had different personalities, me being the quiet studious one, essay about peace and order brother the tough fighter, and my sister the sassy hothead, we all found the capacity for compassion within ourselves and agreed to let it be a deciding factor in our decisions.


Teenagers in my neighborhood are subject to various acts of violence simply because they are influenced into performing mischievous actions. The United Nations UN is an international organization whose stated essay about peace and order are to facilitate ooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achieving world peace. My grandparents place a high value on what is taught at church, and I have always respected that and attribute much of my even temperament and aspirations for holistic betterment to their influence.

Peace is usually the period in which there is now war or any other kind of hostilities. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. I believe that without leadership, our society, especially teenagers, would negatively react to the dangers that occur today.

We should learn to respect one another to gain the respect we want.