They will learn skills of effective and appropriate communication including the ability to discuss the critical context of texts. Component 2 exam is a ‘closed book’ paper.

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I liked the notes on attitudes and values, on reading advertisements, and features of conversation – all gave me ideas on how to incorporate topics to llterature with my literature students. Specification Cie english literature coursework mark scheme materials Published resources News Training.

Changes to the syllabus and specimen papers reflect the change in regulated status. We have removed optional routes through the syllabus. These resources will be available from April onwards before first teaching through our School Support Hub.

Cambridge IGCSE Literature (English) ()

Through their studies, they learn to recognise and appreciate the ways in which writers use English to achieve a range of effects, and will be coursswork to cie english literature coursework mark scheme an informed, personal response to the material they have studied.

If you want more past papers, go to the CIE website and click on the publications tab. Read more on the Collins website.

Who knew that potato-potato-potato was the sound of a poorly running motorcycle engine? English Literature Specification codes: June is the final examination series in which syllabus will be cie english literature coursework mark scheme in UK state schools and included in UK performance tables. There is quite a bit of courseeork, so students should be guided specifically on this website. Check here for the latest publications catalogue: There are no updates for this syllabus.


Support Look out for a comprehensive range of materials to help you teach the updated syllabus including a scheme of work, Example candidate responses, Learner and Teacher Guides as well as specimen paper answers.

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This study guide site is written in a way to appeal to the students that may want a touch of humour thrown into literary analysis. The syllabus enables learners to read, interpret and evaluate texts through the study of literature cie english literature coursework mark scheme English. They learn how to develop and communicate an informed personal response to literature. Find a Pearson centre.

Edexcel IGCSE English Literature Coursework

Have a look at your choices here: It is also available in Marchand India only. For minimal cost, you get a CD-Rom with all the papers in your specific subject. Exclusive Learning Materials Poetry Analysis When teaching new students about poetry, I have often seen students blanch, or immediately look disinterested.

All learners will study all three forms: Please choose the one you’re interested in: Many teachers told us that they offer more than one English subject from this group, so we have made some changes so that the syllabuses work together regardless of whether a student is studying one or more subject from this group. Candidates are not allowed to bring their texts into the examination. We have revised the key concepts and they are now: You’ll cover a wide range of prose, drama and poetry from around the world as you study our two-year Edexcel International GCSE in English Literature course.


Many of the classic texts can be borrowed from the local library, and some of cie english literature coursework mark scheme poetry is freely available on the Internet. This is not a site specific to CIE examinations, but teachers can tailor it to suit the needs of cie english literature coursework mark scheme students.