It had wotld very strong points and answered the prompt very well. Newer Post Older Post Home. This also surfaces in the movie Office Space, as the main character, Peter Gibbons, is forced to come to work on the weekend. We know that it is the right thing to report people for doing the wrong thing, but we do not because we ap english essay brave new world our social status.

When people do not agree with the society or culture around them, human nature often makes it difficult for them to make their ap english essay brave new world known to their peers, allowing this desire to go against the grain to grow inside them.

I like how you focused on the characterization of Bernard and added your own opinions to supplement book evidence! While Bernard is labeled an Alpha, he understands that he and his mindset cannot truly be alpha, as he views everybody as equal, and does not view himself as better, simply because he is an alpha. You wrote this essay really well, Daniel. Your thesis was very strong and led to an essay that flowed well.

Brave New World – AP English Literature & Composition

His inner thoughts are conflicting with his society, as he knows that individuals are not important in his day ap english essay brave new world age, but he feels that people are more than that. Posted by Daniel Rucker at 2: There are two sides to many people in this world: When a teacher gives you unimportant work for the sake of doing work, a student will do it so they can get good grades and dodge having a parent be mad engish you.


This essay was written like a true scientist!

Colter Knight February 24, at 2: Rachel Shedd February 24, at 9: You’ve said that you have trouble with writing introductions and conclusions, but I feel like you wrote them well in this essay. I loved listening to your classical wordl I answered the same prompt and answered similarly; however, I never thought that Bernard’s stature was a product of his demeanor, I always thought it was ap english essay brave new world other way around.

I didn’t wordl on ap english essay brave new world prompt but because of the nature of the book most of the prompts are very similar. I liked your elevated vocabulary and logical thought process seen throughout the essay. You’re a good writer.

This essay was all you! This inner want to change the system has lead to much literature, and many characters devoted to describing the difficulties of breaking the wirld mold, especially in the modern era.

Ashley February 24, at 6: Melissa Steller February 24, at 7: He knows that people have the capability to reason and have feelings for one another. I think that this essay would be up there in the 7 and 8 range for the AP test! It was very well written in an organized formula with concrete details and examples.


I ap english essay brave new world how you elaborated on your comment earlier in English last week and I actually was able to understand your argument better after reading your essay. If I may offer a bit of advice, I feel as though you don’t need to start off paragraphs will “finally” or “all in all” just to connect your paragraphs. This dichotomy between his actions and feelings is important, as it is something that people experience every englis.

Don’t get yourself down, Daniel! We are constantly going against are better judgement to please the world around us, just like Bernard. Jose Sagrero February 24, at 3: