They also link this directly to quotations and language techniques. Find out how to boost your performance with these healthy snacks. This is a message to the admin. The sentences were strung out, and a lot of a level english literature coursework tips time, oevel make any progress towards a decent piece of analysis.

Primarily what the band 2 essay lacked was a clear point throughout the entirety of the paragraph.

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Reading a level english literature coursework tips work is the best way to develop your own abilities. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle.

This shows that you have read widely about the texts and can show specialist knowledge and it allows you to focus on the detail of a text. What are examiners looking for in my essay’s? But really, a good essay structure that you use all the time can be applied to a comparative essay too.

The band 2 essay is clearly strained in its analysis, which is largely simplistic and often states the obvious. Follow 5 Examiners like it if you can show you have really thought about the question itself and whether the question itself is worth arguing with.


How do I structure my coursework/ exam essays? Do you have any other tips for essay technique?

Follow a level english literature coursework tips I know this may sound like key stage three stuff, but make sure you refer back to the question at the end of each paragraph! View your post below. This not only makes for infinitely more original and inightful analysis, but a more interesting read over the essay as a whole.

How do I find the revision method that works for me? It sounds like an interesting topic. Original post by skygirl Hello I need to score really high on my English coursework if I want to achieve an A overall.

Sometimes you can go into an essay a level english literature coursework tips one idea about what your argument is, and find that by the end you’re actually somewhere very different. I literarure want to know if anyone has any English Literature coursework tips to try and ensure I reach my goal? For example, identifying that a character’s saying “of course I am not mad” means that he is trying to “prove he is not mad” is blatant and fails to explore any real meaning at all.


I find it helps to not go into an essay expecting a certain type of conclusion. Uni sent me the wrong offer?

How should I write a comparative essay for English A level?

When comparing both a band 6, and band 2 essay. Any tips coursewodk writing really good English a level english literature coursework tips coursework? So if you normally write 1 an intro 2 paras agreeing with the question 3 paras arguing against the question 4 a ccoursework this could work here as well. Follow 7 How should I make sure my essays are well structured? Follow 4 Common grammar and vocabulary problems Get your questions asked and answered.

Get one-to-one help from a personally interviewed subject specialist. Donna August 10, at Inspector Lestrade January 31, at Answered by Emily W. Would we have sympathy with Flamineo because he talks directly to the audience?